Pastificio dei Campi

the best pasta ...ever

100% Made in Italy


Our company's true wealth lies in our wheat.
Even before starting the Pastificio dei Campi project, we revolutionised the concept of producing durum wheat semolina, beginning with a redevelopment of the land where our ingredient is grown. In an area historically devoted to the cultivation of durum wheat - Puglia - we involved local growers in the production of an extremely nutritious wheat variety, without the use of chemical fertilisers and using only traditional cultivars. By sacrificing high yields - and using a three-year rotation cycle to prevent soil impoverishment due to monoculture - we have taken a huge step in the direction of quality, and also the revolutionary concept of complete traceability throughout the production chain.

The 100% Made in Italy certification is another element in the picture of complete transparency and traceability of the Pasta di Gragnano IGP produced by Pastificio dei Campi, which since the outset has implemented a Total Tracking System, accessible to all consumers through this website.


Craftsmanship and respect for tradition are the pivotal points of our philosophy.

Pastificio dei Campi is located in Gragnano, an exceptional place for pasta production, where industrial development has led to the loss - partial at least - of the magic linked to the art of this white gold. Our firm aims to restore and sustain the tradition of Gragnano pasta IGP, and seeks to do this in a way that respects craftsmanship and traditional production methods, allowing the raw ingredients and stages of production all the time they need to create a pasta of the very highest quality, the best pasta ever.