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Maxi Cubes Pastificio dei Campi


Maxi Cubes Pastificio dei Campi

A great gift idea with Pasta di Gragnano

Are you really passionate about pasta and want to indulge in a gourmet gift? Or do you want to make a present to a loved one who loves Gragnano's pasta? Or do you want a corporate gift able to surprise clients and colleagues?

I Maxi Cubes Pastificio dei Campi are a present not only delicious but elegant in the same time. These products include maxi packaging, cube-shaped as all the boxes that contain the pasta Pastificio dei Campi, made up of various shapes of pasta (predetermined or chosen according to the Maxi Cube) or accompanied by two other products of excellent quality.

You can find them at some of the stores that distribute our pasta or on our e-shop!

There are two Maxi Cubes Pastificio dei Campi available on our online shop:

- The Maxi Cube Taste: 5 kilograms of pasta Pastificio dei Campi, made up of 10 very different shapes (paccheri, calamarata, pennoni, candele spezzate, penne ziti lisce, penne mezzani rigate, orecchiette, tubetti rigati, spaghetti, linguine);

- The Customized Maxi Cube: a package for those who have clear ideas and want to choose the shapes to include in total freedom, for a total of 4 kg of Pasta Pastificio dei Campi;

For those interested in these Maxi Cubes as a company gift, please contact us at the following number: 0818018430.