Design and Innovation


It may seem strange to mention design in a culinary context. You may wonder what connection there is between design and pasta. In our firm there’s a very strong link: the design of our packaging for the various shapes is considered carefully; behind our packs lies a dream, an idea, a purpose. And this is to bring 500 years of pasta history to life, to give a face to those who produce it, to speak of the entire production process through the packaging, with the small number of images and phrases printed on it.

We have chosen a packaging style that meets the criteria of robustness and perfect preservation, but also the firm’s requirements of transparency and social responsibility, making our employees key to the success of our products..


A small shape for a great victory

It’s not just our packaging that’s linked to the world of design.
In 2014, Pastificio dei Campi’s Campotto achieved great heights at the Compasso d’Oro awards, winning an Honourable Mention at the 23rd edition of the world’s oldest and most respected design contest. Arising from the collaboration between Giuseppe di Martino and designer Mauro Olivieri, the Campotto is a pasta shape inspired by the diameter of a pacchero, but which occupies less space thanks to its particular shape, reminiscent of the number eight.

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