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Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe is an association of young restaurateurs who want to share their talent and passion for food with like-minded people; a European network of professional cooks and restaurant owners, far-sighted interpreters of their age who bring enormous rigour, tireless creativity and respect for local ingredients to the creation of a cuisine that's modern and deeply rooted in territory.

JRE chefs combine a talent for the highest quality cooking with a passion for European food and local traditions and products.


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Since 2013, Pastificio dei Campi has been a top sponsor of the international association Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe. To celebrate the synergy that links our firm to the world of JRE, we came up with a unique concept: #indovinachivieneacena.
Every month a chef from the JRE, each time from a different part of Europe, comes to visit Pastificio dei Campi for a masterclass lasting a whole day.
Accompanied by our staff and by chef Peppe Guida*, the guest JRE has the opportunity to spend an entire day at our pasta factory, learning the secrets of our production and the historic tradition of Gragnano pasta, along with everything they need to know about its preparation and cooking.
In the evening the two chefs come together in the kitchen to offer just 12 diners an unforgettable experience, a feast for the eyes and the palate and a journey in search of new ingredients and flavours in a series of original and delicious pasta dishes.
To enliven this incredible culinary journey, a series of small and medium-sized Champagne producers supply their products to accompany the chefs' dishes, adding a touch of elegant vivacity to the evening.


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