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Miglior chef EMERGENTE

Since 2015, Pastificio dei Campi has supported the "Italy's Best Emerging Chef" competition, an event created in 2007 by Luigi Cremona in which chefs under 30 can compete as tomorrow's stars of fine Italian cuisine. In past years this prize has acknowledged and enhanced the careers of numerous unknown young chefs who have gone on to become famous. To name just a few: Vincenzo Candiano, Marco Martini, Antonia Klugmann, Olivier Piras, Cristoforo Trapani, Matteo Metullio, Stefano Deidda, Marco Ambrosino, Francesco Brutto etc...

Miglior EMERGENTE sala

Alongside our sponsorship of this event, Pastificio dei Campi also supports the EMERGENTE SALA (Emerging Front of House) competition, a contest created to give a voice to a field - front of house - which in recent years is suffering a decline in popularity. For this reason we decided to back a format which is educational and theatrical at the same time, which can support training yet also arouse curiosity, involving workers in the sector and also communication for gaining essential media attention.

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