Maxi Cubo signed by Peppe Guida

Maxi Cubo signed by Peppe Guida


Pastificio dei Campi and the chef Peppe Guida, The Pasta Whisperer! A life dedicated to cooking, to attention to detail, to the constant and essential research of quality.

The territory is his inspiration, simplicity his creed. In one of his interviews, he recently said: "In the kitchen, the role of pasta is of primary importance: the whole menu revolves around it" .

Pastificio dei Campi has decided to create a package containing his favorite pasta shapes, used in his symbol recipes, such as lemon-flavored spaghettino and provolone del monaco,  "mischiato potente", "mischiato delicato", "fresina", and "vermicelli" the main ingredient for the Devotion!

In the gift box signed by chef Guida, you will also find a selection of products that he has personally created. For you we have chosen two jams, his EVO oil and the inimitable "Panettone" made by the skill of the young Francesco Guida, son of art and pastry chef of Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa.



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