Our wheat


Our company's true wealth lies in our wheat.
Even before starting the Pastificio dei Campi project, we revolutionised the concept of producing durum wheat semolina, beginning with a redevelopment of the land where our ingredient is grown. In an area historically devoted to the cultivation of durum wheat - Puglia - we involved local growers in the production of an extremely nutritious wheat variety, without the use of chemical fertilisers and using only traditional cultivars. By sacrificing high yields - and using a three-year rotation cycle to prevent soil impoverishment due to monoculture - we have taken a huge step in the direction of quality, and also the revolutionary concept of complete traceability throughout the production chain.


13th June is the feast day of Saint Anthony, and also the day dedicated to the wheat harvest; it's an anniversary with pagan roots which has adapted in accordance with Christian beliefs.
For us at Pastificio dei Campi, the date is extremely important; the wheat harvest is absolutely the starting point for the creation of great pasta. Depending on the weather conditions and in accordance with our miller, we have an annual tradition of spending an entire day in the heart of our fields in Casal Vecchio in Puglia, home to our only producer of semolina: Molino De Vita.
Harvest time is a genuine feast, dedicated to our excellent raw material: from dawn to dusk we discuss the wheat-growing year, watch the harvesting work and, above all, we enjoy the occasion, because besides being the start of a new cycle of production, this is also the culmination of a year of hard work.

Our company's

true wealth

lies in our wheat


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