History and tradition

500 years of passion

Pasta is unarguably the world's best-known and most commonly exported Italian speciality, and Gragnano, with its mild and slightly damp climate, has provided the best place for producing it for many centuries.
It's way back in the sixteenth century that we find the first evidence of an early pasta industry, which would grow so much that in the 18th century the town was re-designed to create the broad and sweeping Via Roma, designed to facilitate the passage of the damp sea breezes and maximise exposure to the sun, thus giving the ideal conditions for drying pasta.
By the early nineteenth century the town of Gragnano was famous all over the world for the quality of its macaroni, produced in those days in more than 70 workshops; these would increase to 100 by the middle of the century.
The twentieth century was the age of industrialisation, technological innovation and growth in production.
The new millennium brought the results of all this devoted work: in 2013 Gragnano Pasta obtained the IGP mark, the European certification of its exceptional manufacturing story.