At Pastificio dei Campi we want to shape a new dimension in quality: we want you to understand what makes our products unique. For this reason we have opened our data collection system to all consumers who are interested in learning more, via a system of product traceability that's unique in the world of pasta. For the first time it is possible to find all the information about the production of our pasta, from the work of the farmer right through to the final phase of creating packaging: when the wheat was sown, which field it grew in, when it was harvested, the granary where it was stored until milling, the mill where the durum wheat was ground into semolina, and the date the semolina was delivered to Pastificio dei Campi, the day the pasta was produced and the manual packaging of the finished product. The entire life cycle of a packet of Pastificio dei Campi pasta can thus be traced, and the protagonists of its story - from the farmer to the miller, the pasta-maker to the packaging designer - at last have a face and a precise place. In this way we make every phase in pasta production fully transparent, in order to start a conversation with you, the consumer.

total tracking system 2018

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